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Hydrating, Firming, Treatment of dark circles

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A velvety feeling 24h cream for the area around the eyes and neck, enriched with oat and ginkgo biloba extracts, antioxidants, targeted oligopeptides and precursor molecules of hyaluronic acid that imitate the action mechanism of mesotherapy, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.
A deeply moisturizing and revitalizing composition that improves microcirculation, reduces swelling and dark circles under the eyes and makes you look glowing and fresh. It simultaneously prevents the formation of wrinkles and lines and helps the tender, sensitive eye and neck skin remain elastic, toned, and youthful.

The most powerful vitamin C encapsulated in ceramides, encourages the composition of collagen fibres, binds free radicals and prevents the accumulation of chromophore molecules that are responsible for the dark circles under the eyes. As a result, the skin feels protected and looks plump and healthy, with a homogenous colour tone.
The combination of flavonoids (chrysin) and peptides (Oligopeptide and Tetrapeptide-7), firms up the skin around the eyes and enhances its plumpness, fights inflammation and helps reduce the accumulated pigmentation responsible for dark circles.
Ginkgo biloba extract known for its decongestant and anti-inflammatory action, improves microcirculation, neutralizes free radicals and prevents signs of premature aging. Combined with the conditioning, soothing και moisturizing properties of oat extract and the nurturing and antioxidant action of argan oil, these three plant ingredients comprise a unique hydration and protection cocktail for the fragile skin around the eyes and neck.
Plant-extracted Glycosaminoglycans (GAG), as well as the special biotechnology chemical complex from precursor molecules of hyaluronic acid, facilitate the penetration of active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin while at the same time providing deep hydration and improved elasticity by reinforcing the skin’s ability to hold on to moisture.

Dermatologically tested, gluten free and parabens free formula.
Available in a 30ml jar with spatula included.

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